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The Redemption of Peter Wentz (4/?)

Though Patrick knew that this point in time had left them no other option, he had hated Pete's idea from the start. The idea of just givng himself to the Dandies was without doubt the most idiotic thing he had ever heard come out of Pete's mouth. It was common knowledge that William wanted Pete as badly as he craved blood, and that was saying something, but despite William not beng the target, he didn't believe that risking whatever ounce of humanity Pete had was worth it.

Pete had given him the details. There was a very grave and morose tone to his gritty voice as he warned Patrick of what was to come. Andy and Joe would know nothing of this; being if they did, they'd hold back and slip the fact that this was all a big scheme against the Dandies, so fragile that a single look could topple the cards. This was why Patrick never went on hunts even before Pete had left. Joe and Andy would always question Pete's whereabouts and all Patrick could do was shrug to them sadly; Pete had sworn him to secrecy. It killed him that he knew where Pete was while millions of scenarios flew through his mind of what could be happening or what he was doing.

The whole point of this misery was the one thing Pete had been obsessing over for a little over a year. Patrick dismissed this as some form of memory attatchment, a thing newborns tend to have after they've been turned: recalling certain memories from their previous life with intense emotion and obsession. In this case, the obsession was Brendon Urie. Pete had been there the night he was turned, and took him in shortly after. Back then, Pete held unconditional love for Brendon despite his new parasitic urges. Instead, his hatred channelled toward William Beckett, the sadistic vampire that ruined Brendon's life. He doesn't recall how Brendon got the idea to go back to Beckett, pretty much thinking he was out of his fucking mind how he could return to the sadistic bastard that turned him into this monster, not the apprehensive, warm Brendon Urie he befriended.

What tore him apart was when Beckett finally moved to Pete. Backing him into a corner, he turned him with Brendon at his right hand. Pete couldn't let that go. More than the urges to drain everyone in the warehouse mindlessly, he wanted Brendon back. And this troubled Patrick to his core, like with most things that Pete took too far.

He couldn't bear to look Andy in the eye when Joe burst through the door, carrying the bruised vegan on his back, beaten and bloodied with at least three visible bite wounds on his arms and wrist.
"What happened to you? They were supposed to be Hoods!" Patrick gasped, trying his best to at least be surprised.

"We ran into the Dandies." Joe gasped, eyeing Andy cautiously as he winced under Patrick's gentle hands. "They came out of nowhere, 'Trick."

Andy cried out in agony as Patrick dabbed hydrogen peroxide to the lacerations. "How did you get this way, Andy?" he asked.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you." Andy muttered.

"Try me. I know I've seen these bite marks before...."

"I didn't even see him. One minute I had Chislett on the ground, then the next thing I knew, Pete had thrown me into asharp corner of a dumptster. I never thought he could move so fast until he started going feral on me like he had rabies."

Patrick sighed. "I know."

"No, Patrick," Andy growled. "I don't think you do. He was in Dandy uniform. He had blood down his chin. Pete had human blood all over him."

Patrick looked Andy in the eye.
"I know."


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Nov. 20th, 2010 06:38 pm (UTC)
So intense! XD
I love, love, love, love it!
Poor Patrick...
I can't wait till the next chapter!
Nov. 21st, 2010 02:26 am (UTC)
Thanks. The next one is up if you'd like to read.
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